Wireless Heat Detector

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  • OPERATING VOLTAGE: DC9V battery;STANDBY CURRENT: 50uA; ALARM CURRENT:≤30 mA; TEMP. Trip Point: Non-condensing - Heat Sensitivity 135° F/ROR - Start-up current 200 µA; Alarm : ≥85dB/m
  • Independent installation on ceilings and walls, with mounting bracket, which is easy to install and do not need to debug.
  • Built-in dedicated IC: with stable performance and high sensitivity. Can monitor air and detect heat with Infrared signals. When it reaches the maximum amount that the chamber can bear, it will alert.
  • LED light flash indicator. Low battery indication. With a test button: can take analog alarm tests of the heat alarm.
  • With specially designed cover, can protect it from dust.

Preyank solar heat detector offers fixed temperature or combination rate-of-rise and fixed temperature detection, suitable to any household or commercial applications. The heat detector is made up of an externally mounted thermistor with a specially designed cover that protects the thermistor while allowing maximum air flow. The thermistor reads the temperature from the air it takes in and transmits a signal representing the temperature to the panel. If the temperature reaches or exceeds the trip point or the temperature increase reaches or exceeds the rate-of-rise, the detector is triggered. The status LED lights in red and alarm signal is output. The detector is an ideal unit to detect rapid fire developments in houses, shops, hotels, restaurants, offices, schools, banks, libraries and etc
Preyank Solar Heat Detector Specifications

◆MCU automatic processing technology
◆Manual test
◆Auto reset
◆Automatic detection
◆Infrared photoelectric sensor
◆Sound-light alarm
◆Strong adaptability for circumstance
◆SMT design, high stability
◆Dust-proof, Insect-proof, Anti-visible light
◆CE Approved

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